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Last time Rick Santorum had a big win he declined to do morning TV and, many believe, squandered an opportunity for mass exposure. This morning, he’s already trending after his decisive trifecta of wins, and he’ll do all the cable morning shows.  We’ll be watching.

Magid CPI: Rick Santorum wins in 3 states as Romney stalls; CPS Worker Pleaded for Cops to Come Before Powell Blew Up House; California Gay Marriage Case May Be Headed to Supreme Court 

Google: prop 8; rick santorum; josh powell 

Twitter: Happy Hump Day; #ThingsYouSeeOnFacebook; Rise & Grind

YouTube Politics: A “Super” Failed Promise 

Billboard (Hot 100): Set Fire To The Rain - Adele; Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) - Kelly Clarkson; We Found Love - Rihanna Featuring Calvin Harris

Billboard (Ringtones): Sexy And I Know It - LMFAO; Red Solo Cup - Toby Keith; I Don’t Want This Night To End - Luke Bryan



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