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The White House ‘closer’


The White House is signaling a larger role for its deal-maker-in-chief, Vice President Joseph Robinette Biden. “Bazooka Joe” has made a habit of playing Superman. He donned his proverbial cape following the president’s lackluster debate performance, over New Year’s to strike a deal on the fiscal cliff, and he is currently working on perhaps an even heavier lift: gun safety reform.

But Biden’s assignments are expected to expand in the administration’s new term. A White House aide told Buzzfeed, “He’ll be more important in the second term….He’s proven to be invaluable to the president.”

Tuesday on NOW with Alex Wagner, The New York Times’ Sam Tanenhaus called Biden “the anti-Dick Cheney” and says he represents “Obama’s id.”

Watch the video above for more of Alex Wagner’s discussion with the NOW Panel on the role of the Scranton Scrapper.

The White House 'closer'