The Morning NOW: 7/01/13

AP Photo/Evan Vucci
AP Photo/Evan Vucci
Evan Vucci

Happy July to you. Things show no sign of slowing down after last week’s madness, Joy Reid is in for Alex again this week to sort it all out for you. Today’s lineup:

Frank Foer, Editor, The New Republic (@franklinfoer)

Ryan Grim, Washington Bureau Chief, The Huffington Post (@ryangrim)

Carrie Budoff Brown, White House Reporter, Politico (@cbudoffbrown

Michael Eric Dyson, Political Analyst, Georgetown University (@MichaelEDyson)

First up, continuing coverage of the George Zimmerman trial, with analysis from Lisa Bloom.  msnbc will be covering testimony live throughout the day, and you can catch a live feed here.

Next up, the latest on Edward Snowden, who is presumably still holed up somewhere in Sheremetyevo Airport, though has not been seen since leaving Hong Kong two weeks ago. Let’s hope he can subsist on a diet of Sbarro and Cinnabons, because it’s looking like he might be there for a while:

A Russian immigration official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that Mr. Snowden had not applied for a visa, which would be needed to leave the transit zone, and that he could remain there indefinitely if he wanted. There have been cases of asylum-seekers living in the transit zone for as long as nine months.

Plus, Obamacare implementation, Rev. Al sponsors a free health care clinic, and the President talks Mandela in Africa. It all happens at Noon..