The money behind Restore our Future


The main super PAC supporting Mitt Romney raised nearly $5 million in May, with nearly a fifth of it coming from three companies registered to the same P.O. Box in Dayton, Ohio: CRC Information Systems and Fairbanks Properties, LLC each gave $333,333 to Restore our Future; Waterbury Properties, LLC donated $333,334.

It appears they are linked in some way to Reynolds and Reynolds, a private corporation that provides software to car dealerships. A spokesperson for Reynolds and Reynolds confirmed the donation from CRC Information Systems, but said he was unable to comment on the other two entities. The C.E.O. of Reynolds and Reynolds, Robert Brockman, donated $5,000 to the Romney campaign in April.

The donations further highlight the proliferation of anonymous corporate contributions to Super PACs, all made possible through the Citizens United decision. 

Other big donors include:

Hillwood Development Company, which gave $100,000. The Texas-based company is run by Ross Perot, Jr., the son of the former presidential candidate;

Rocco Ortenzio, a health care executive, donated $500,000;

Warren Stephens, a billionaire businessman from Arkansas and critic of President Obama’s policies, gave $500,000;

And the Morse Family, which owns a major retirement community in Florida, called The Villages of Lake Sumter, gave more than $400,000.

In total, Restore our Future spent about $4.8 million in May, with much of it going to ads supporting Romney. The group ended the month with $8.4 million on hand.

Check out Restore our Future’s full campaign finance report here

The money behind Restore our Future