The Face of the “Near Poor”


A recent New York Times article highlights a concern about a new method of measuring poverty from the U.S. Census — which has statisticians startled as they can now classify 100 million Americans to be “near poor.” That’s one in every three of us — either in poverty or just right above it.

Here’s one part that stuck out to us:

Perhaps the most surprising finding is that 28 percent work full-time, year round. “These estimates defy the stereotypes of low-income families,” Ms. Renwick said.

Among them is Phyllis Pendleton, a social worker with Catholic Charities in Washington, who proudly displays the signs of a hard-won middle-class life. She has one BlackBerry and two cars (both Buicks from the 1990s), and a $230,000 house that she, her husband and two daughters will move into next week.

It has us wondering What is Poor these days?

Likely a topic for tomorrow’s show - what do you think?

The Face of the "Near Poor"