Romney hit for “dishonest” campaign


Mitt Romney hasn’t been able to shake Republican criticism over his health care program in Massachusetts, but the worst is just beginning.  An article by New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait caught our eye this morning – he writes that Romney has “blatantly lied” about his record on health care and so far has gotten a free pass. 

That may be changing.  On Sunday, Newt Gingrich suggested a “breathtaking scale of dishonesty” in the Romney campaign, and on Monday, Rick Santorum said “it’s one thing to be for [the government mandated health insurance], it’s another to not tell the truth.” If Romney gets the nod, expect much more of this to come from the President’s campaign.


One of the central points Chait examines is Romney’s claim that he never wanted his health care program to be adopted nationally.  We dug up the video from Romney on June 28, 2009 on Meet the Press, and what he said at the NBC News debate on January 23rd, 2012 – take a listen and let us know what you think.

Romney hit for "dishonest" campaign