Previewing Thursday night’s VP debate (…and drinking game tips)


On today’s show Alex and her panel dissected the various strengths and weaknesses of Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan going into Thursday night’s debate in Danville, Kentucky.

Both candidates are currently hunkered down in their respective debate camps, with Vice President Biden reportedly practicing on a debate stage that is a perfect replica of the one that will be used by the candidates at Centre College Thursday night.

Among other things, we also learned that Alex could literally “watch old Biden debate tape forever,” that polls show voters predicting a Ryan victory going into the contest, that New York Magazine‘s John Heilemann believes ‘Scranton Joe’ is “systematically underrated” as a debater and that Paul Ryan’s wizardry with a whiteboard may not necessarily help him to connect with viewers watching at home.

Heilemann also had a handy hint for those planning to watch the debate: Don’t drink every time Biden uses the word “literally” in any drinking game, or you’ll definitely suffer the consequences…



Previewing Thursday night's VP debate (...and drinking game tips)