“Nunchucks and brass knuckles”


After President Obama’s much-criticized debate performance last week, the pressure is now on Vice President Joe Biden to perform.

According to Politico, Thursday’s showdown between Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan is one debate “that could really matter.”

That’s why Democrats want Biden to go on the offensive and remind voters that the Romney/Ryan ticket is not what it appears, despite an attempt last week to pivot to the center. 

So what is Biden doing to prepare? In recent days, he has been holed up at debate “school,” sitting in front of a television watching vintage Ryan interviews and speeches and doing mock debates with Rep. Chris Van Hollen, who is playing the role of Ryan. 

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt told Politico that with Sarah Palin no longer across the stage, Biden will “be bringing his proverbial nunchucks and brass knuckles.” 


"Nunchucks and brass knuckles"