NOW Today: Wisconsin surprise?


The latest NBC News-Marist Poll is out in Wisconsin.

The headlines? Romney leads Santorum 40-33% among likely GOP voters.  The President, meanwhile, is up double digits against all Republicans in the state.  And on the subject of Gov. Scott Walker’s recall, voters are divided.  So for all the focus on the 2012 horse race and GOP nomination, we may be missing the forest for the trees - President Obama seems to be the big winner from the protracted primary fight.

Then again, anything’s possible, and there are plenty of factors (e.g. health care, fuel prices, VP picks) that can change things very quickly in this race.


Sam Stein, The Huffington Post (@samsteinhp)

Ryan Lizza, The New Yorker (@ryanlizza)

Kasie Hunt, The Associated Press (@kasie)

Ben Smith, Editor-in-Chief, BuzzFeed (@buzzfeedben)



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NOW Today: Wisconsin surprise?