NOW Today: Who wins the day on jobs?


There are just two of them left until Election Day.

This morning we get the much-anticipated jobs report for September, which comes on the heels of Governor Mitt Romney’s success at the first presidential debate. Today POLITICO reports that the Romney campaign has a strategy in place that builds on the momentum of Wednesday’s debate and focuses their candidate on drawing a contrast with President Obama’s first term record. The economy, of course, plays directly into that strategy. It’s estimated today’s jobs report will reflect an increase of about 113,000 jobs and a tick up in the interest rate to 8.2% from the current 8.1%.

How will both sides spin the jobs report? If it’s weak, can Governor Romney use it to his advantage given his recent burst of momentum? We’ll have the numbers, the politics, and the strategy when we end the week that was at noon ET on NOW.


Sam Stein, The Huffington Post/msnbc Contributor (@samsteinhp)

Howard Wolfson, Deputy NYC Mayor/Fmr. Hilary Clinton Adviser (@howiewolf)

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NOW Today: Who wins the day on jobs?