NOW Today: When Europe sneezes…


This morning the Spanish government is denying reports that its banks will soon be seeking a bailout. It’s a late-breaking and developing story in the long saga that is the Eurozone crisis. And this week, the fallout from trouble overseas entered the Presidential election, with both candidates expressing different takes on the impact that Europe’s economy might have on the U.S. 

The question we’ll ask this morning: Will American voters connect the threat in Europe to President Obama and Mitt Romney’s fiscal policy? And will the candidates themselves do more than dip their toe into the crisis? Ironically, it’s arguably the most substantive issue in the economic equation - but it’s hardly getting attention on the stump.


Joshua Green, Sr. National Correspondent, Bloomberg Businessweek (@joshuagreen)

Catherine Crier, Journalist/Author, “Patriot Games” (@catherinecrier)

Michael Hastings, Rolling Stone (@mmhastings)

Ben Smith, Editor-in-Chief, BuzzFeed (@buzzfeedben)


Prof. Justin Wolfers, Princeton University (@jwolfers)



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NOW Today: When Europe sneezes...