NOW Today: What’s old is new


The campaign battle is back on.

President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney are fully engaged today, just days after the tragic shooting that left 12 dead in Colorado. In an interview last night on CNBC, Governor Romney squarely blamed the President for the tenor of the campaign, saying that a more civil discourse “really would be nice” before accusing the President’s re-election campaign of divisive tactics.

President Obama, meanwhile, used an appearance before the Veterans of Foreign Wars in California to take a preemptive strike at Governor Romney’s upcoming overseas tour. At that same appearance, the President warned Syria about use of its chemical weapons (a response to their threatened use in the event of foreign intervention). It’s a reminder not only about the big issues that loom worldwide, but also the volatility on the world stage that could, at any moment, transform this presidential race.


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NOW Today: What's old is new