NOW Today: Weather, politicized


This morning more than 1.8 million residents in Washington and across much of the Mid-Atlantic are still without power, days after powerful storms caused major damage and left 22 people dead.  Officials are concerned that the stifling heat could lead to more deaths as air conditioning units remain powerless and generator fumes fill the air.

Former Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has decided to use this crisis as a warning for the threat of EMP - or electromagnetic pulse - something he’s championed for years as a possible threat to the U.S. Gingrich has taken to Twitter to sound the alarm, and it’s just the most recent example: it follows his warnings at debates, speeches, and even the forward to a science-fiction novel, One Second After by William Forstchen, that warns about the threat EMP purportedly poses.

We asked our friend, environmentalist David de Rothschild, to come on the show and separate fact from fiction and give us a sense of the most serious threats this wild weather poses. Here’s to a Happy - and safe - Fourth of July!


Robert Traynham, msnbc Contributor/Sirius XM’s “The Flaks” (@roberttraynham)

Heather McGhee, Vice President, Demos (@hmcghee)

Lizz Winstead, Co-Creator, “The Daily Show”/Author, “Lizz Free or Die”

Hugo Lindgren, Editor, The New York Times Magazine (@hugolindgren)


David de Rothschild, Environmentalist/Author (@drexplore)


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NOW Today: Weather, politicized