NOW Today: Is a Vice Presidential pick underway?


Among the questions we’re asking this morning: Is it a bus tour or spring training?

Mitt Romney has been on 5-day bus tour since Friday, travelling across 6 swing states - all states President Obama won in 2008. Along the way, Romney’s met up with several of the contenders on Romney’s presumptive short list. Over the weekend it was Rep. Rob Portman in Ohio; in New Hampshire, Sen. Kelly Ayotte. Yesterday he appeared with Rep. Paul Ryan in Wisconsin.

Among those who weren’t with Romney? Sen. Marco Rubio, who ABC News reports is not being vetted by the Romney campaign, quoting sources saying the Florida Senator has not been asked to hand over documents in connection with a possible vice presidential bid.

We’ll break down all the 2012 news of the day - plus the important geopolitical news as the President wraps up in Mexico - today at noon ET on NOW.


Glenn Thrush, Sr. White House Reporter, POLITICO (@glennthrush)

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NOW Today: Is a Vice Presidential pick underway?