NOW Today: The Ryan rollout


The Ryan rollout is fully underway, and the early numbers are in.

A USA Today/Gallup poll taken after Governor Mitt Romney’s veep pick shows that 42% of respondents found Rep. Paul Ryan to be a “fair or poor choice,” while 39% found him an “excellent or pretty good” choice. Meanwhile, a Washington Post/ABC News poll finds that Rep. Ryan’s favorability jumped to 38% after his selection as Governor Romney’s running mate. He had been getting a 23% rating before his selection. Still, 33% of respondents found Ryan unfavorable, and perhaps most importantly, 30% say they still have no opinion of the Wisconsin Congressman.

One of the most important places where Ryan will form new opinions: Florida. The Congressman’s proposed budget reforms are expected to carry added weight among the state’s significant senior population. Notably, Ryan didn’t attend a rally in Florida with Mitt Romney yesterday, but he is slated to travel there next week for a fundraiser. We’ll ask our Floridian friend, Telemundo anchor Jose Diaz-Balart, to offer his insights on Ryan’s reception in Florida when Jose joins the rest of the panel for today’s NOW at noon ET.


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NOW Today: The Ryan rollout