NOW Today: The negative campaign


Governor Mitt Romney says the responsibility that comes with being President just hit him.

At a fundraiser in Charlotte, NC, the presumptive Republican nominee said that by meeting struggling Americans on the campaign trail, “I feel how great the responsibility is and how much people are counting on me to get the job done, to win the White House and to get America back on track.”

By some accounts though, the campaigns of both candidates are not on track. Team Romney continues to engage in heated rhetoric, and negative campaign ads abound. Meanwhile, Team Obama is also getting heat for controversial language and is running its own negative ads (the most notable coming from the pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA Action).

So the question is: Will either side take responsibility for the tenor of the campaign and start to address the issues, or is this as good as it gets? That’s the opening question we’ll tackle today at noon ET on NOW.


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NOW Today: The negative campaign