NOW Today: The fine line of ‘doing fine’


We knew this was coming.

The Romney campaign is out with a new ad this morning using President Obama’s remark that “the private sector is doing fine” as a prime example that he’s out of touch with the middle class. It was an unfortunate soundbite, part of the President’s attempt at his impromptu Friday news conference to suggest that the unemployment rate has been adversely affected by job losses in state and local government. That distinction, however, has been largely lost as the comment is taken out of context, and attempts by the President’s team to clarify the remark have been less than stellar

We’ll break it down, with a whole lot more, at noon ET today.


 John Heilemann, New York Magazine/msnbc Political Analyst (@jheil) 

Nicolle Wallace, Fmr. McCain-Palin ’08 Sr. Adviser

Glenn Thrush, POLITICO (@glennthrush) 

Eamon Javers, CNBC (@eamonjavers) 



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NOW Today: The fine line of 'doing fine'