NOW Today: The agenda for Mexico


Early signs from overseas markets looked favorable in the aftermath of Greek elections, but this morning European and Asian markets are down from Friday’s close - a reminder of the challenges that Greece and the Eurozone still face. It’s a topic that will take up a significant amount of time as President Obama meets with G20 leaders in Los Cabos, Mexico today. Still, the President’s senior adviser David Plouffe has tempered expectations for the summit, saying that while progress would be made, “no one should expect a firm resolution.”

The two-day summit will also address the violence in Syria, a topic that President Obama will discuss directly with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The conversation comes as the U.N.’s observer mission announced that Syrian civilians need to be evacuated from the region.

Big issues for a busy start to the week. We’ll take a look when Alex hosts the show from DC, today at noon ET on NOW.


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NOW Today: The agenda for Mexico