NOW Today: Showdown edition


Democrats and Republicans both have their showdowns today.

In Wisconsin, Maryland, and DC primary voters will head to the polls and either push Mitt Romney closer to 1,144 or give Rick Santorum another fighting chance.  Nothing is certain and we’ll break the contests down with the panel.

Meanwhile, President Obama is going to take on Paul Ryan and his budget proposal today.  Obama will make his case as to why the House Republican plan would damage the country - the same plan that Mitt Romney endorsed right around when Paul Ryan endorsed Mitt Romney.

Ah, politics! And who better to help us with that today than our own Rachel Maddow!  See you at noon ET.


Frank Bruni, The New York Times (@frankbruni)

Fmr. Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA),  NBC News Political Analyst

Michelle Goldberg, Senior Contributing Writer, Newsweek & The Daily Beast (@michelleinbylyn)

Steve Kornacki, (@stevekornacki)


Rachel Maddow (@maddow


Jose Diaz Balart (@jdbalart)



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NOW Today: Showdown edition