NOW Today: Romney climbs as economy stutters


We’ve got a lot of ground to cover this morning.

We’ll start with a look at how the Obama camp should proceed after Friday’s disappointing jobs report. Last week there was a poll out suggesting Romney was gaining ground with women, and today new numbers show his favorability climbing as well. It’s a toxic mix that the folks in Chicago certainly want to reverse.

From there we’ll talk to Fmr. Gov. Gray Davis, who was ousted from office in a ballot recall. We’ve been working on a segment on ballot initiatives, looking at what’s on this year’s ballots and the overall trend of voter movements. And from there a conversation with environmentalist David deRothschild and Professor Michael Mann on why global warming is such hot topic (pun intended) for the political parties.

That, and more, today at noon ET on NOW.


Michael Eric Dyson, Georgetown U./msnbc Political Analyst (@michaeledyson)

Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine (@jonathanchait)

Joy-Ann Reid, (@TheReidReport)

Jimmy Williams, msnbc Contributor (@jimmyspolitics)


Fmr. Gov. Gray Davis (D-CA)

Michael Mann, Author, “The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars”

David de Rothschild, Environmentalist/Author




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NOW Today: Romney climbs as economy stutters