NOW Today: Romney and “The Mantle of Leadership”


Governor Mitt Romney is slated to make a major foreign policy address at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, VA today.

The speech comes ahead of two remaining Presidential debates, one of which will focus entirely on foreign affairs. The Governor’s remarks, titled “The Mantle of Leadership,” are expected to address President Obama’s response to the attack on Libya that claimed four American lives, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. Governor Romney’s early response to that crisis was criticized as being too political and a strategic campaign mishap.

Today’s speech will seek to strengthen the Republican’s foreign policy credentials, and seize upon criticism the President has faced over his handling of the crisis. It will mark Governor Romney’s 10th address on foreign policy since summer 2011.

To read excerpts of Governor Romney’s address, click here. To get analysis and that signature NOW take - well, catch us at noon ET on msnbc.


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NOW Today: Romney and "The Mantle of Leadership"