NOW Today: ‘Quit distorting my words!’


The pressure appears to be getting at Rick Santorum.

This morning the former Pennsylvania Senator’s decisive win in Louisiana is being overshadowed by what Mitt Romney’s camp has dubbed a “Tantorum.”  On Sunday Santorum said of Romney, “Pick any other Republican in the country, he is the worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama.”  When he was asked to elaborate, Santorum snapped, telling a New York Times reporter, “Quit distorting my words.  It’s bullsh**!”

The Santorum campaign is doubling down, pushing back against Romney and not shying from the salty language.  Question is - is Santorum growing desperate and tired, or is he close enough to make the “Rominee” fight even harder as we set our eyes on the latest big contest, Wisconsin?


Ari Melber, The Nation/msnbc Contributor (@arimelber)

Patricia Murphy, Daily Beast Contributor/Citizen Jane Politics (@1patriciamurphy)

John Heilemann, New York Magazine/NY Daily News Columnist (@jheil)

Michael Eric Dyson, Georgetown University/Author, “Debating Race”/msnbc Political Analyst (@MichaelEDyson)


David Wood, Sr. Military Correspondent, The Huffington Post



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NOW Today: 'Quit distorting my words!'