NOW Today: Political games, Olympic games


This morning on TODAY, Governor Mitt Romney said that the difference between him and President Obama is that his campaign is focused on “getting people working again,” adding that he’s not focused on “personal attacks” but “policy differences.”

That sharp contrast comes as an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that both candidates have seen their “very negative” ratings climb to record highs. The most recent manifestation of that has been the “didn’t build that” spat, which the Romney campaign has relentlessly exploited.

Luke Russert is in the chair today and we’ll have a look at all the 2012 back and forth - plus, an Olympics preview ahead of tonight’s Opening Ceremonies. See you at noon ET on NOW.


Rana Foroohar, TIME

Heather McGhee, Vice President, Demos (@hmcghee)

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Josh Rogin, Foreign Policy (@joshrogin)

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NOW Today: Political games, Olympic games