NOW Today: Neck and neck


Today’s Gallup poll has Mitt Romney up one point over Barack Obama in the general election match-up. To be fair, the two candidates have been very close in the Gallup poll, supplanting each other for the top spot fairly often. It’s a good reminder that despite the rhetoric, this is going to be a close election - and a tough one.

Yesterday the Obama campaign released a slick 7-minute ad that many critics complained unfairly used the killing of Osama bin Laden one year ago today for political purposes. Not to be outdone, the Romney campaign had their own ad out. And this morning, yet another ad from the Obama 2012 campaign.

Never a dull moment.

PLUS: Don’t miss Jonathan Chait’s profile on “The Legendary Paul Ryan,” which he’ll discuss on the show today.


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NOW Today: Neck and neck