NOW Today: Mitt’s Mom & Dad


Earlier this week we talked with Benjamin Wallace-Wells about his reporting on Mitt Romney’s relationship with his father, George Romney. Among other things, Ben told us that the lessons of George Romney’s 1968 presidential bid were not lost on his son, and that much of the behavior that Mitt exhibits on the trail can be traced to his father.

This morning, TIME Magazine is out with a look at another big influence in his life - his mother, Lenore. And like with his father, Lenore’s campaign for high office (a U.S. Senate seat) was instructive. At the end of her race, Mrs. Romney said “it’s the most humiliating thing I know of to run for office.” This morning on NOW, Michael Scherer joins us to take a look at this fascinating account of the boy who grew up with wildly ambitious parents, filled with hopes that he won’t come to understand the humiliation of defeat.


Ben White, POLITICO (@morningmoneyben) 

S.E. Cupp, NY Daily News Columnist (@secupp)

Nicholas Confessore, The New York Times (@nickconfessore)

Sam Stein, The Huffington Post (@samsteinhp)


E. J. Dionne, The Washington Post/msnbc Contributor

Michael Scherer, TIME (@michaelscherer)



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NOW Today: Mitt's Mom & Dad