NOW Today: Justice, or Politics?


Is it Justice, or Politics?

With the House poised to vote on a resolution holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt, there is a sharp divide, largely along party lines, on the motivations behind this unprecedented action. There is speculation that the White House will work to strike a deal that would appease Republicans and avoid Holder actually facing a contempt resolution (it’s only a recommendation from the Oversight committtee at this point).

The question this morning: Does a contempt ruling play as a black eye for the President, which coupled with an unfavorable health care ruling, causes a Republican feeding frenzy? Does it backfire on the Republicans for pushing the vote in the first place? Or does it only serve to solidify the public’s belief that Washington is seriously out of control?


Ari Melber, The Nation/msnbc Contributor (@arimelber)

Mark Halperin, TIME/msnbc Sr. Political Analyst (@markhalperin)

Maggie Haberman, POLITICO (@maggiepolitico)

Michael Eric Dyson, Georgetown U./msnbc Political Analyst (@michaeledyson)


Tad Devine, Democratic Strategist

State Rep. Lisa Brown (D-MI)

Fredrick Harris, Columbia U./Author, “The Price of the Ticket: Barack Obama and the Rise and Decline of Black Politics”



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NOW Today: Justice, or Politics?