NOW Today: It’s jobs day


Today’s news cycle could very well be determined at 8:30am ET.

That’s when the monthly jobs report, one of the most critical indicators of the economy, is released. Experts expect the news will be better than last month, when we learned that only 69,000 jobs were created in May. Both the Obama and Romney campaigns are paying careful attention to today’s number, and are prepared to spin no matter what is announced. For Governor Romney, whose campaign message has been structured around the economy, these monthly jobs reports allow new opportunities to help shape the narrative against President Obama. Meanwhile, many voters are judging the President based on these jobs reports, and upward trends are invaluable boosts to his reelection effort.

After today, only 4 more jobs reports will be announced before the election (which is exactly four months from today). We’ll talk about the implications of it all today at noon, on NOW.


Michael Crowley, TIME Deputy DC Bureau Chief (@crowleytime)

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NOW Today: It's jobs day