NOW Today: International implications


We’ve got two special guests today to talk about two big international stories with real implications for the U.S.

Christopher Dickey will join the show from Paris to talk about the stunning defeat of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been replaced with Francois Hollande, the first Socialist to be elected in France since 1981. His election marks a stunning shift against austerity in France, and could complicate existing U.S.-French relations (among them, the expedited withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan).

We’ll also talk to Ronald Kuby about the animated arraignment of five defendants charged with organizing the attacks of September 11. By all accounts the men were not cooperating, shouting at the judge and refusing to keep silent as the arraignment was underway. Legal experts say it is just the start of a very long, hard fight that has the world spotlight. We’ll break it down at noon ET.


Robert Traynham, msnbc Contributor/Sirius XM’s “The Flaks” (@roberttraynham)

Erin McPike, Real Clear Politics (@erinmcpike)

Howard Wolfson, Deputy NYC Mayor/Fmr. Hillary Clinton Adviser (@howiewolf)

Ari Melber, The Nation/msnbc Contributor (@arimelber)


Christopher Dickey, Paris Bureau Chief, Newsweek & The Daily Beast

Ronald L. Kuby, Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Lawyer


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NOW Today: International implications