NOW Today: Holder in contempt - now what?

NOW Today: Holder in contempt - now what?
NOW Today: Holder in contempt - now what?

There were some who thought that the House vote on Eric Holder was purposefully scheduled on Thursday to minimize publicity (the theory being that the health care vote would overshadow all other news). But with the health care law upheld, there was less upheaval than expected, and this morning, we’ll discuss the unprecedented contempt finding against Attorney General Holder - the first for an AG or any cabinet member, for that matter.

After a 255-67 vote (with 17 Democrats joining the Republicans), Holder came out and called the vote “politically motivated.” Dozens of Democrats also walked out of the House chamber in protest as the vote took place. So what happens next? Most say not much - doubting that criminal charges would be formally placed on Holder. And by holding the contempt vote, the Justice Department has little incentive to cooperate with GOP demands - to say nothing of the President’s executive order. The question is, to what extent will Republicans use their contempt finding to embarrass the President ahead of the November elections?

We’ll discuss that and more today at noon ET on NOW.


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NOW Today: Holder in contempt - now what?