NOW Today: Is he now the “Rominee?”

NOW Today: Is he now the "Rominee?"
NOW Today: Is he now the "Rominee?"

It won’t take you very long today to find a common theme in the papers and online: It looks like we have a “Rominee.”

Mitt Romney’s decisive wins last night in Maryland, DC, and Wisconsin have largely dismissed questions of another GOP nominee.  Even before he won yesterday, Newt Gingrich started using new language suggesting his mission, and Rick Santorum’s mission, was to shape a conservative platform for Romney and the party.  In fact, many believe the two men remain in the race to influence Romney’s rightward-tilt.

The other big question: How does Romney treat Santorum in his own home state?  As Politico Playbook writes today, the debate at Romney headquarters is “Do we pour money into Pennsylvania to crush Santorum in his home state on April 24 (also an investment in the general election), or save that money for the fall and let nature take care of itself?”

Not such an easy question - or is it?  Let us know below or at Twitter or Facebook - and see you at noon ET.


John Heilemann, New York Magazine/msnbc Political Analyst (@jheil)

Karen Finney, Columnist, The Hill/msnbc Political Analyst (@finneyk)

Abby Huntsman, Daughter of Gov. Jon Huntsman (@huntsmanabby)

Hugo Lindgren, Editor, The New York Times Magazine (@hugolindgren)


Ben LaBolt, Obama Campaign National Press Secretary (@benlabolt) [CHI]

Hogan Gidley, Santorum National Communications Director (@jhogangidley) [TBD]



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NOW Today: Is he now the "Rominee?"