NOW Today: Dead heat


The presidential contest is a dead heat.

New numbers from our NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll are out this morning, and the news is mixed for President Obama and Governor Romney. In the general election matchup, the two candidates are in a statistical tie, 47-44.  The President is beating Romney in key swing states, as well as among younger voters and Latinos.  Romney, meanwhile, is enjoying increased support from important pockets of the Republican base, including the Tea Party.

The poll shows the economy remains issue number one, and the President’s perceived weakness there presents opportunity for Romney. Satisfaction with President Obama’s handling of the economy is 42-53, the lowest rating since December, and for the first time since then, the President’s job approval rating is upside down, 47-48. All of this could help Romney, but here’s his bad news: Romney’s personal rating is back to it’s all-time high, 33-39.

Of course, all of this could change after tomorrow’s landmark Supreme Court decision on health care.  We’ll cover it all today at noon ET on NOW.


Jimmy Williams, msnbc Contributor (@jimmyspolitics)

Rana Foroohar, TIME

S.E. Cupp, msnbc Co-Host, “The Cycle” (@secupp)

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NOW Today: Dead heat