NOW Today: Can you say “coalesce”?


Some of us here at NOW are getting distracted by the headlines in the Sports section today - which, actually, have taken over the front page of this morning’s New York Times.  But, to be fair, there is quite a bit of 2012 to discuss.

Not only has Jeb Bush endorsed Romney, but Tea Party giant FreedomWorks has dropped its opposition to Mitt Romney.  Can you say “coalesce?”  We’ll talk about how many days are left in these primary fights.  We’ll also talk energy as the President is slated to speak right before NOW about Keystone on his 4-day energy tour.  That fight is alive again, but it appears to have a lot more support from the President.  What happened, and is it far to call it “caving in” given a majority of Americans favor the project?

That and a special P.S. from Alex today, at noon ET, on NOW.


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NOW Today: Can you say "coalesce"?