NOW Today: Big money on both sides of 2012


There were estimates at the start of this presidential race suggesting that a record $3 billion would be spent. While it’s too early to tell if those estimates were overblown, there sure is evidence to suggest we’re inching toward that mark.

Putting aside spending by Super PACs, which have infused unprecented influence in the race, both sides are bringing in astronomical sums of cash. Recall the party George Clooney hosted at his home in LA this month, which reportedly earned the Obama campaign a record $14 million. Just yesterday, Mitt Romney is said to have raised $10 million during a three-day swing through the New York area. 

And it’s only May!

Sarah Jessica Parker has announced she’ll be hosting a fundraiser for the President that’s sure to bring in another big sum, while former Vice President Dick Cheney is scheduled to raise money with Romney in Wyoming in July. We’ll take a look at the fundraising issue - and this new article - with New York Magazine’s Benjamin Wallace-Wells at noon ET today.


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NOW Today: Big money on both sides of 2012