NOW Today: Back to the issues?


After a rough last week, the Obama campaign had hoped to turn the narrative around yesterday. It coincided with an in-depth look at what the President’s second term might look like. Then the week suddenly started off with questions no one would have anticipated. But after it appeared Commerce Sec. John Bryson was dealing with a medical issue, it was back to true campaign issues, and a new Obama TV ad that draws on the Romney record in Massachusetts. (Question: Has the Obama campaign finally decided against those questionable Bain attacks?)

Today on NOW, we’ll keep our eye on the issues, but also the messaging. Chris Hayes’s new book, Twilight Of The Elites: America After Meritocracy, is out today, and he’ll join us on the panel to talk about America’s crisis of authority and the nastiness of the modern political campaign (making a medical issue a political one with no facts hours after the news breaks being a chief example).

See you at noon ET.


Chris Hayes, Author, “Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy” (@chrislhayes)

Carol Lee, The Wall Street Journal (@carol_e_lee)

Patricia Murphy, Daily Beast Contributor/Citizen Jane Politics (@1patriciamurphy)

Steve Kornacki, Contributor (@stevekornacki)


Gov. Dan Malloy (D-CT) (@GovMalloyOffice)

Gabriel Sherman, New York Magazine (@gabrielsherman)


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NOW Today: Back to the issues?