NOW Today: Back to issue #1?


You’ve seen him on the show before.

Today, Santorum National Communications Director Hogan Gidley joins Alex LIVE in studio to talk about the Santorum campaign’s final hours, a possible Romney endorsement, and how the election plays forward as Mitt Romney is freed of any formidable challenge.  

And on the subject of Mitt Romney - he clearly had a good day yesterday. The turn in the markets was a reminder that the country’s major economic concerns remain. Now that the “Rominee” has all but been crowned, are we getting back to issue number 1 - an issue that many believe is Romney’s only chance at victory?


Michael Steele, Fmr. RNC Chairman/msnbc Political Analyst (@steele_michael)

Ryan Lizza, The New Yorker (@ryanlizza)

Patricia Murphy, Daily Beast Contributor/Citizen Jane Politics (@1patriciamurphy)

Hugo Lindgren, Editor, The New York Times Magazine (@hugolindgren)


Hogan Gidley, Santorum National Communications Director (@jhogangidley)

Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times (@nickkristof)

P.J. Crowley, Fmr. State Dept. Spokesman (@pjcrowley)



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NOW Today: Back to issue #1?