NOW Today: “All politics is local”

NOW Today: "All politics is local"
NOW Today: "All politics is local"

Scott Walker is Wisconsin’s governor.

With 99% of polls reporting, the spread is sweeping 53-46, casting serious doubt on talks of recount challenges. As is to be expected, Republicans voiced strong support and encouragement for both Walker and his agenda last night, while Democrats are actively trying to spin the vote.

But there is an undeniable bright spot for Democrats. Even though Wisconsin is now in play in the eyes of both the Obama and Romney camps, the President has a 7-point lead according to exit polls. The key will be independents: they made up a third of yesterday’s voters and voted to retain Walker 53-45.

As Fmr. House Speaker Tip O’Neill once said, “All politics is local.”


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NOW Today: "All politics is local"