NOW Today: Alex Wagner is back!


Here’s the most important news of the day: Alex Wagner is back! 

Together, with the panel below, we’ll do some pre-game analysis of tonight’s big race in Illinois (how close will it be?); deconstruct the Santorum machine; have a look at the Ryan budget (why now?); and look at the donor base for President Obama - where are all these new donors coming from?

Until we see you at noon - give us your predictions for Illinois tonight with comments below or on Twitter, #NowWithAlex.


Phil Musser, Romney Supporter/Fmr. Pawlenty Sr. Adviser (@pmusser)

Andrew Ross Sorkin, CNBC/The New York Times (@andrewrsorkin)

Jen Bendery, The Huffington Post (@jenbendery)

Bill Burton, Obama Super PAC Priorities USA (@billburton716)


NOW With Alex Wagner Guest List

NOW Today: Alex Wagner is back!