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Today on the show we’ll talk about the latest controversy surrounding frontrunner Rick Santorum and the new fundraising numbers out this morning.  We’ve also got some key guests.

Comedienne and actress Ali Wentworth will join the show to talk about the DC of today and the one she grew up in.  (Yesterday on the show it was argued that money is at the heart of the problems of discourse in the Capitol).

We’ll then talk to Barak Goodman, the writer/director of the PBS documentary “Clinton” that aired last night.  It’s created quite a bit of buzz for fascinating new details on the 42nd President.

And finally, Tom Goldstein from, a respected blog chronicling the Supreme Court, joins us with a post suggesting that Ruth Bader Ginsburg will retire in 2015.  That, it should be said, assumes President Obama wins a second term.

They should all be fascinating discussions - we hope you’ll join us at noon ET.



Robert Traynham, msnbc Contributor (@roberttraynham)

Ana Marie Cox, The Guardian (@anamariecox)

Steve Kornacki, (@stevekornacki)

Richard Wolffe, msnbc Political Analyst (@richardwolffedc)


Ali Wentworth, Author, “Ali in Wonderland”

Barak Goodman, Writer/Director, “Clinton”

Tom Goldstein,


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