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This morning we’ll take a look at the January jobs numbers to see how 2012 started on the road to economic recovery. We’ll get the expert insight of Ben White and the insights of Velma Hart, who you might recall from this moment last year.  msnbc’s resident Donald Trump expert Jonathan Capehart will walk us through The Donald’s big endorsement yesterday.  Jim VandeHei will discuss his latest piece in POLITICO, ‘Why Obama should be worried’.  And we’ll lean on Alice Stewart for a look at the Nevada caucus this weekend and the contests ahead.  What will Newt’s next move be?


Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post/msnbc Contributor (@capehartj)

Alice Stewart, Fmr. Bachmann Campaign Press Secretary (@alicetweet)

Velma Hart, CNBC Contributor

Ben White, POLITICO (@morningmoneyben)


Jim VandeHei, POLITICO (@JimVandeHei)


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