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Pressure is mounting on the White House this morning as the Administration’s ruling on contraception affecting religious organizations gains steam. Among those promoting the issue is Mitt Romney, who has incorporated the criticism into his stump speech. One things is for sure - expect to hear more about this before it calms down.

One of the other stories to catch our attention today - a change of heart for the President when it comes to fundraising. Realizing he cannot afford to stand aside as Republicans funnel donors to the phenomenon of 2012 - Super PACs - the President is encouraging wealthy Democrats to give. All that and more on what’s turned out to be a busy day for NOW.


Michael Steele, Fmr. RNC Chair/msnbc Political Analyst (@steele_michael)

Joan Walsh, (@joanwalsh)

Patricia Murphy, Daily Beast Contributor/Citizen Jane Politics (@1patriciamurphy)

John Heilemann, New York Magazine/msnbc Political Analyst (@jheil)


Dan Choi, American Foundation for Equal Rights


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