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The Romney campaign says it’s about delegates. The Santorum campaign says its not about money, but conservative credentials to contrast the President. And Newt Gingrich isn’t saying much this morning.

Last night Rick Santorum won handily in Missouri, Colorado, and Minnesota, raising new questions about Mitt Romney’s “inevitability.” And while Gingrich wasn’t a player last night, the weakness of Romney’s showing suggests that the idea of a Gingrich resurgence is hardly improbable.

Bottom line - this race is still far from over.

Also on the show: Bill Burton, head of Obama’s newly-energized Super PAC, and Gabriel Sherman on his piece, “The End of Wall Street As They Knew It?”


Eric Bates, Editor, Rolling Stone

Alicia Menendez, Political Commentator (@aliciamenendez)

Maggie Haberman, POLITICO (@maggiepolitico)

Hugo Lindgren, The New York Times Magazine (@hugolindgren)


Bill Burton, Priorities USA Action (@billburton716

Gabriel Sherman, Contributing Editor, New York Magazine (@gabrielsherman)


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