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There’s no escaping it - the 2012 race has all eyes on Rick Santorum, and with that comes increasing scrutiny.  He put out 4 years of tax returns to little fanfare, and his trailblazing hasn’t produced any major gaffes.  Instead, operatives against the Santorum campaign are digging through Santorum’s past, trying to paint the picture of a deep conservative (one that is against contraception, for example) unelectable when paired against President Obama.  We’ll see how that works out.

Plus: new reporting, with amazing pictures, of the counterterrorism campaign in the Middle East.  And of course, because it’s Friday - What Just Happened?!



Phil Musser, Fmr. Pawlenty Sr. Adviser (@pmusser)

Glenn Thrush, POLITICO (@glennthrush)

Becky Quick, CNBC (@beckyquickcnbc)

Sam Stein, The Huffington Post (@samsteinhp)


Hogan Gidley, Santorum National Communications Dir. (@jhogangidley)

Jeremy Scahill, The Nation (@jeremyscahill)




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