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Late yesterday we learned that Mitt Romney won all 20 of Puerto Rico’s delegates (notably, Puerto Rican residents cannot vote in the general election).  Today, we focus on what will happen in the suddenly significant Illinois primary.  All the while, evidence of newfound nastiness among the campaigns.  (John McCain says it’s the nastiest he’s ever seen).  We’ll have a look at where things stand and whether we just need to resign ourselves to the fact nothing will be certain until Tampa.

Plus - a big crackdown this weekend in New York at a rally in Zucotti Park, where Occupiers held their first big gathering since being kicked out before this (sorry excuse for) winter.  Does the movement still have a pulse, and if so, what role will it play politically?  We’ll discuss this and more as NOWist Ari Melber takes the big chair for Alex.  See you at noon ET.


Eric Bates, Rolling Stone

Alicia Menendez, Political Commentator (@aliciamenendez)

Wendy Schiller, Brown University (@profwschiller)

Jimmy Williams, msnbc Contributor (@jimmyspolitics)


Alice Stewart, National Press Secretary for Santorum for President (@alicetweet)

Prof. Dorian Warren, Columbia University/Fellow, Roosevelt Institute (@dorianwarren)

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, Author, “Operation Dark Heart: Spycraft and Special Ops on the Frontlines of Afghanistan - and The Path to Victory”


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