Kal Penn: Actor, Presidential Liaison… and Gamer!


We were thrilled to have Kal Penn join today’s NOW panel! He was a great addition to our political discussion thanks to his time working for the Obama Administration.

You might have heard him mention his work with Rayman Origins. It’s a new video game (just in time for the Holidays!) that Kal is helping launch. Why? Well if you take a look at the game, it’s fun and a little quirky (kind of like Kal?!) - and guess what? No guns!

Here’s a short clip he made for the game, taking on “the Kid” to win the heart of the kid’s mom. As much as he says he’s not a gamer, you can see why Kal did this - he looks like he’s having a blast! There is also a video of the game’s trailer.

Game on!!

Kal Penn: Actor, Presidential Liaison... and Gamer!