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Inside the Debate Studio: Romney’s role as the ‘boss’


Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton has come “Inside the Debate Studio” over the last few weeks to analyze the presidential debates, and after watching Governor Romney’s varying performances, he has reached a conclusion: the Republican nominee is a “boss.”

Lipton came on the show again today to analyze the final president debate and said,  ”He’s  the common word for the common thing.  A boss can be benign, he can be malevolent, he can be revered, he can be loathed, but that’s really what he’s offering us. I think that the American voters are really faced, at last, with this clear choice, at least from my point of view, between a sitting president with a record that can be criticized or praised and a boss.”

Lipton, you might recall, has been critiquing the governor’s public persona since this spring, when he posted a video on New York Magazine’s website, urging Romney to act, well, human. At the time, Lipton said, “Stick with the type-casting. Go with what you got and who you are. It’s not your best option. It’s your only option.”

Inside the Debate Studio: Romney's role as the 'boss'