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Gov. Christie ‘not sweating’ the CPAC snub


Tough talking New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may be wildly popular in his own state, but his popularity among some in his own party appears to be dwindling.

Christie drew headlines this week after being “snubbed” an invitation to next month’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). But Christie didn’t appear to be too bothered by the news. At a town hall Wednesday, he said: “I can’t sweat the small stuff; I’ve got a state to rebuild.”

One CPAC “insider” told the National Review that Christie was a bad fit for the focus of this year’s conference: “The Future of Conservatism.” But it’s becoming increasingly unclear just what the future is, and fellow conservatives haven’t exactly gotten on board with CPAC’s decision. Republican strategist Steve Schmidt called CPAC the “Star Wars bar scene of the conservative movement.” David Frum thinks CPAC’s move on Christie “sounds an ominous warning about obstacles on the route back to a Republican majority.”

Gov. Christie 'not sweating' the CPAC snub