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Republicans brainstorm how to 'renew, grow, and win' at winter meeting

As the RNC's winter meeting kicks off in Charlotte, N.C., the NOW panel goes over ways that the GOP might be more welcoming to minority voters.

GOP minority outreach could start with RNC website


The Republican Party is currently holding its annual winter meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, a three-day event aimed at coming up with solutions to the party’s current troubles.

According to Politico, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is expected to tell attendees Friday that “growing the party to be more welcoming and more inclusive does not require abandoning our principles.”

However, if its goal is outreach, the party might want to begin by updating its website.

The last posting on the section dedicated to “Black Republicans” is over four months old. The post, dated Sept. 5,is a press release announcing the formation of Mitt Romney’s “Black Leadership Council.”

Similarly, on its “GOP Hispanics” section, the last post–dated Oct. 18–announces the release of a “Mitt Romney for president” radio ad.

On Thursday’s show, the NOW with Alex Wagner panel discussed what the GOP needs to do to modernize.


GOP minority outreach could start with RNC website