Dave Barry on an ‘Insane City’


Humorist Dave Barry dropped by the NOW with Alex Wagner panel set Thursday to discuss life, politics, Florida, and the world’s obsession with tweeting.

The Pulitzer prize-winning columnist was promoting his new book “Insane City,”  about a ‘Hangover’-esque pre-wedding romp in Miami which sees protagonist Seth Weinstein and his “Groom Posse” come into contact with strippers, Haitian refugees, a man with an 11-foot albino python and an orangutan named Trevor.

Barry–a New York native who moved to Miami in 1986–has joked that he moved to the Magic City “from the United States, and I have come to really love it here.”

His take on Florida? “It’s a really different, politically really bizarre place,” he told the panel. “We’ve never had a normal governor. Right now it’s going to be  [Republican Governor] Rick Scott–who’s basically a lizard–against Charlie Crist, who’s a traffic cone.”

As for Florida Senator Marco Rubio? “Marco’s our man now, “Barry said. “We’re going to have the first teenage president!”

Dave Barry on an 'Insane City'