“Corrosive” toll


Shepard Smith: How do you feel about the Michigan win?

Mitt Romney: Ah, well, we feel great. Michigan was just another case of voters taking a look at Mitt Romney and saying “Ehhhh, I guess.”

That’s pretty much how it’s going for Mitt Romney these days. A reluctant coalescing. He’s getting some solid numbers in the polls, some solid endorsements – but it still feels like a for Meh Romney.

But beyond November, how this primary season is affecting the Republican Party is the bigger issue.

From msnbc’s First Read: Four in 10 of all adults say the Republican nominating process has given them a less favorable impression of the GOP, versus just 12% with a more favorable opinion.

Additionally, when asked to describe the GOP nominating battle in a word or phrase, nearly 70 percent of respondents – including six in 10 independents and even more than half of Republicans – answered with a negative comment.

Some examples of these negative comments from Republicans: “Unenthusiastic,” “discouraged,” “lesser of two evils,” “painful,” “disappointed,” “poor choices,” “concerned,” “underwhelmed,” “uninspiring” and “depressed.”
Could the Party need a Santorum win? As NYT Columnist Joe Nocera put it, the “Republican Party won’t change until it hits bottom. Only Santorum offers that possibility.”

"Corrosive" toll