Compromise on President Obama’s budget? ‘Not likely’


On Wednesday morning, to add to the long list of budgets stacking up on Capitol Hill, President Obama unveiled his budget for 2014, emphasizing the importance of taking on fiscal issues with a balanced approach of spending cuts and new tax revenue. The president’s $3.7 trillion budget will save $1.8 trillion over the next ten years through tax increases for the wealthy and cuts to earned benefit programs.

The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein joined the NOW with Alex Wagner panel on Wednesday to discuss the latest chapter in the battle over the budget.

Klein said a deal between President Obama and Republicans was “not likely,” but that’s not going to stop the White House from trying. “The sequester had a kind of a rolling beginning and it’s going to begin really hitting in April,” Klein said, “so there’s going to be more pressure to come to a deal and the White House is setting up that debate by clearly showing a willingness to compromise.”


Compromise on President Obama's budget? 'Not likely'